Campbell Biology: Concepts & Connections, Global Edition

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Campbell Biology: Concepts & Connections, Global Edition

Campbell Biology: Concepts & Connections, Global Edition

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Intended for non-majors or mixed biology courses. 

Soar to New Heights with Campbell Biology: Concepts & Connections!


Campbell Biology: Concepts & Connections continues to introduce pedagogical innovations, which motivate students not only to learn, but also engage with biology. The Eighth Edition of this market-leading book builds on its hallmarks of accuracy, currency, and a dedication to revolutionizing teaching and learning solutions. This thorough revision focuses on providing instructors with the resources needed to invigorate the course and gives students the tools they need to succeed. This edition includes many new key figures to help students better visualize tough topics, while an increased emphasis on scientific thinking equips students to leave the course thinking like scientists.

  • This program presents a teaching and learning experience—for you and your students.
    Engage in biology and make important connections between concepts and unifying themes:  Immerse students in the world of biology, so they understand the connections across biological concepts.  
  • Focus on scientific thinking: Encourage students to think like scientists and develop scientific reasoning and literacy skills with new Scientific Thinking Modules and more.
  • Maximize learning and success: Give students the tools they need to become skilled at learning and understanding course material.

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